About Palmetto Harmony

 Palmetto Harmony™ strives to be the leading industry provider of all natural essential life oils cultivated with only organic practices.

More about Palmetto Harmony

Where does Palmetto Harmony source their hemp?

Our growing operations are all USDA certified organic and do not utilize any GMO ingredients. We proudly use regenerative agricultural practices in our growing operations. Palmetto Harmony only partners with farmers who use organic and regenerative practices in their farming methods. We are a supporter of the Soil4Climate movement on Social Media and believe that one of the most important ways to help the planet is through healthy soil. 

What extraction method does Palmetto Harmony use?

Our extraction method is unique in the space. Unlike many other companies, at no time does any solvent touch the plant matter, nor any part of the product. We use a specialized flower MCT infusion method that creates a true full-spectrum product. The process is done using gentle heat, time, and slight pressure without any harmful chemicals. This allows all the compounds that are in the plant at the flower level to remain in the final product. You can learn more about how the full spectrum of compounds present creates what is known as the entourage effect.


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