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About Kana Beauty

With strong desire to bring out health & beauty to the world, our founder created an interesting and forward concept combining her knowledge in aromatherapy, cannabis, and Korean skincare recipes to curate the best infused skincare on the market – In 2011, Marie Claire named Korea to be 12 years ahead of beauty innovations globally.

After nearly 18 months of extensive R&D, testing only on humans of all different skin type, we narrowed down to 28 powerful, active botanicals for our Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask. Each ingredient serves a specific, therapeutic purpose to relax, heal, and rejuvenate your skin all while you sleep.


More about Kana Beauty

Where does Kana Beauty source their hemp?

At KANA, we use only the highest quality of organic cannabidiol (CBD) with 0% THC, derived from industrial hemp. CBD is known to be a natural pain reliever, relaxant, and antioxidant that can be more potent than vitamin C, E, A, or omega 3 fatty acids (All of which are present in CBD)!

What sets Kana Beauty apart?

KANA is fully plant based! It is created without artificial coloring/fragrance, gmo, fillers, paraben, synthetic chemicals.

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