Hemp Flower for Life      hemp flower of life

An Extraordinary Medicine

Meticulously processed using a rare and ancient synergistic Alchemical process called “Spagyrics” releases the full medicinal power of the cannabis plant, far beyond what is found in typical CBD oils. 

 Our vertically integrated business means Hemp Flower for Life products are always made with CBD Rich 100% USDA Certified Organic Hemp strains lovingly craft grown and cured on our boutique Organic and Biodynamic Farm in Southwest Colorado.
Beyond Full Spectrum – Ancient Alchemical Healing Wisdom – Extraordinary Medicine



More about Hemp Flower for Life

We grew our Hemp with Love, Prayers and a Strong Intention to maximize the health and healing properties of this Powerful Plant Ally and Healer.



I appreciate several qualities of Hemp Flower for Life:
     It’s certified organic; the graduated dropper pipette (measurement is in mL)makes it easy to track my usage.
     I’ve taken Hemp Flower for Life to aid in sleep and it has delivered!  I awake now after an uninterrupted sleep and so my day time energy is much better.   
     Equally important to me is the comfort I get when I rub small amounts onto painful tired muscles, such as neck and shoulder.  Thank you for this wonderful product!

Janet Spain

I have found the Hemp Flower for Life oil very helpful for sleep, and in keeping me asleep through the night. I do have more recollection of dreams as well.  My knees are definitely less stiff in the morning.

Lynne McGee

The main thing I notice with Hemp Flower for Life CBD oil is a decrease in stress; I notice the effect immediately after holding the oil under my tongue for 2-3 minutes. I’ve also noticed that the chronic tightness in my back and shoulders has lessened. Thanks for the great product!


When I used Hemp Flower For Life CBD oil I perceived something a little different than what I ordinarily feel. It was a nice feeling about life. This substance didn’t force me to feel anything. Instead it was as if it invited me to experience life in a pleasant way.

Rebecca Koeppen

I am usually not one to write reviews. But I could not resist sharing my experience with Hemp Flower for Life.
 I had a cyst on my cheek that had been there for two years. I applied Hemp Flower for Life CBD oil two times a day for a week, it disappeared leaving no scar! Since then I’ve been using it every night to increase sleep and decrease morning  stiffness with great success.
I will absolutely be sharing it with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Hemp Flower for Life source their hemp?

Hemp Flower for Life CBD Oil is produced from the finest hand grown USDA Certified Organic T1 Hemp Flower; superior genetics lovingly grown on our boutique “beyond organic” farm in Southwest Colorado.  For 20 years we have cared for and enriched the soil utilizing Bio-dynamic and Korea Natural Farming methods, incorporating fermented processes and mycorrhiza to feed the soil and unlock its vital nutrients.  It is this foundation of optimal soil health that sets the stage to produce Hemp Flower of the highest quality, purity and potency.  

We are very proud of the pristine CBD cannabis grown on our community farm. Grown with Love, Prayers and a Strong Intention to maximize the health and healing properties of this Powerful Plant Ally and Healer.

What extraction method does Hemp Oil for Life use?
Our CBD oil is the highest quality organic alcohol extraction incorporating an ancient alchemical process called Spagyrics. This produces a more potent preparation, that is truly “Full Spectrum” by adding the plants crystalized mineral salts back in after low heat extraction.  This process enhances the energetic and the chemical aspects of the plant and the acids, oils, and minerals are maintained to the fullest extent.
Why choose Hemp Oil for Life?

After meticulously growing, harvesting and curing our USDA Certified Organic Hemp Flower, we truly spared no expense to find and incorporate the best extraction and alchemical process to ensure Hemp Flower for Life CBD oil is truly extraordinary.  There are almost no other CBD products found anywhere that go to these lengths to ensure the highest potency and efficacy.


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