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We promise to use only naturally derived & plant based ingredients keeping our products free of parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, formaldehyde, and other synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers. All essential oils and herbs are therapeutic grade and organic when available.  Every batch of product is third party lab tested to guarantee that you get the potency of active ingredients stated on the label.

About Ananth Wellness Infusions

Ananth Infusions was born in the mountains of La Plata County in Durango, CO. After years of dealing with chronic back pain, allergies and all the things that make us human we have journeyed down a path of research for things that make a difference in our lives. The more we talked and interacted with our community, the more we realized we needed to take action to create the quality of products we wanted to use and see out in the world. After nearly a decade of experimentation and implementation throughout our daily lives as active Coloradans, we are ready to share the products we have discovered and created with the world! We hope you love our products and they help you get through the day with a smile on your face.


More about Ananth Wellness Infusions

Where does Ananth Wellness Infusions source their hemp?

We source our hemp, full-spectrum hemp oil and distillate locally in the Four Corners region.

What extraction method does Ananth Wellness Infusions Use?

We choose to extract with Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol at Ananth. We actually source this from Brazil as it is the best quality we have been able to find. Think of spirits like Vodka but with the concentration of Everclear (190 proof or 95%) and made from Organic Sugar Cane instead of GMO grains, potatoes, etc. It is impossible to remove 100% of any solvent used during extraction, so we use this kind of alcohol to make sure that we aren’t adding any toxins to our products.

What sets Ananth Wellness Infusions apart?

At Ananth Infusions, our products are created with time and care. Every one of our batches is guaranteed to be well aged like a fine wine for a minimum of 2 months. We use whole herbs, premium oils, the finest butters and a variety of extraction methods to ensure every compound works synergistically to create a balanced product.

Ananth Wellness Logo

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