What Does CBD Feel Like?

This question is almost universal. It’s also a great reason to join our Facebook group (Cannabuddies CBD) so you can interact with other CBD consumers. The truth is that  it’s very subjective and most people feel differently from one another when using CBD. Connecting with others that are using CBD for similar issues is useful though. With the help of others, you can diagram how best to use CBD.  In all likelihood you’ll find others with situations akin to your own since the spectrum of CBD users ranges widely from people combating mental and physical issues, to pet owners and people looking for better beauty products.

Depending on the CBD consumers age, many people report that they feel decades younger. Many people also feel like the did before life started dragging them down. There is no ‘high’ associated with CBD consumption. Many people will however feel sharp with less brain fog as it may feel like it is working like a nootropic. Others will feel a relief in pain. Others will just feel much better in general in many different ways.

Taking CBD orally and/or sublingually (under the tongue) is the most common method of consumption.  People looking for long term relief tend to have the greatest success taking their CBD this way since the effects can last long enough to get a person through a full day with a single dose.

Vaping CBD is great for people looking for rapid onset. When vaping, the effects can be felt but are not as lasting as those with oral consumption. As a side note, this method also requires less liquid per dose than other modes of intake.  It’s important to highlight the fact that not all CBD products can be vaped, so if you intend to vape be sure to get a product specifically designed to be taken that way.

Although the science hasn’t yet been settled, It’s widely thought that topical CBD doesn’t cross the blood barrier unless the topical contains specific skin penetrants such as DMSO. It’s for this reason that CBD topicals are generally only used for localized relief. People who struggle with neuropathy tend to like this method of CBD use. Since they are more effective for localized relief, customers often get the best results if they use topicals in conjunction with other CBD intake methods like vaping and sublingual/oral ingestion.

Giving CBD a try is definitely worthwhile given the innumerable testimonials of people and their pets making a complete 180 degree turnaround in their lives: going from anxious to calm, going from scatterbrained to focused, going from agonizing pain to comfortable mobility, going from inflammation to relief, and more. All humans and many animals have an Endocannabinoids System in their body which is solely responsible for processing cannabinoids into a form that our body benefits from, so we might as well use it. When you feed a starving system then it can completely change the way you feel!

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