What is CBD?

CBD is the widely-used shorthand for a naturally occurring Cannabis compound called Cannabidiol.  To date, there are well over 100 Cannabinoids that have been found in the Cannabis plant; CBD is second only to THC in popularity and renown. THC is the Cannabinoid responsible for inducing a euphoric state that is commonly referred to as a “high”, whereas CBD delivers calming and healing benefits to the body.

THC is thought to be a plant compound with medicinal properties. There are even patents on THC for this reason. That being said, many people want the benefits of THC but have zero interest in getting “high”. This is where CBD has come to the rescue and is the primary reason that it’s become so prominent in such short order. In fact, many people posit that CBD is more effective at treating symptoms and ailments than THC to begin with, not even accounting for CBD’s non-psychoactive properties. Folks who benefit from CBD can have a plethora of conditions ranging from behavioral health issues like anxiety,depression, ADHD, PTSD, and extending into the realm of physical health issues like pain, arthritis, COPD, seizures and more.

CBD is safe, non psychoactive, non-addictive, and it can actually be found in Marijuana as well, not just Hemp. When CBD is present in Marijuana, it tends to lessen the “high” brought on by THC.  When CBD is found in Hemp though, there’s no “high” at all since Hemp contains 0.3% THC or less. While THC may not be a good fit for everyone, CBD most definitely is. Furthermore, CBD seems to be well on its way to becoming part of America’s daily self care regimen; it’s becoming widespread, better understood, and available in every form conceivable.

Interestingly, CBD isn’t particularly effective on it’s own. That’s why products made with “Full Spectrum” or “Complete Spectrum” Hemp extract are so much more effective. The Cannabis oil in these products contains CBD, other Cannabinoids (such as CBC, CBG, THC), Terpenes (such as Limonene, Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, etc), and Flavonoids.  Together, these compounds potentiate and augment one another in a phenomenon aptly named “The Entourage Effect”.

Our bodies have CB receptors and an entire Endocannabinoid System with the sole function of processing and utilizing Cannabis compounds, so we may as well use that to our advantage!  CBD and other Cannabinoids stimulate the CB Receptors in the body, feeding the Endocannabinoid System and delivering the symptom relief that we’re all so grateful for.

Whether you have ample experience with CBD or you are just now trying CBD for the first time, it is best to start with a high quality product if you seek substantial results. Some people get lackluster results from low-grade CBD and give up on it, not knowing that a higher quality product would make worlds of difference. Not all CBD is created equal, so do extensive research and ask thorough questions. This will help you avoid the headaches and pitfalls that so many people encounter when navigating the CBD landscape.

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