Can Cannabis Cause Insomnia?

Cannabis effects different people in vastly different ways. It relaxes some people to the point of becoming contented and lazy couch potatoes. For others though, it can motivate them to focus and knock out their chores, checklists, and even their work for the day. Although it may make some individuals lazy, there are business professionals, doctors, professional athletes, and more who use cannabis on a daily basis. Both Marijuana and Hemp are versatile tools, but can THC cause insomnia?

The short answer is: probably not. Many people actually use marijuana as a sleep aid, just as they use marijuana to help them wind down at the end of a stressful day. However, when people who use marijuana regularly choose to take a hiatus from consumption, they often experience difficulty sleeping. This is usually the result of the body becoming accustomed to the feeling that marijuana induces. Frankly, the same rings true when quitting coffee.

In spite of the fact that marijuana use isn’t directly linked to insomnia, some people do get an energizing effect from marijuana use. As an example, countless people consume marijuana and feel the need to create. When painting, making music, writing, or doing anything creative, cannabis seems to facilitate the creative process: to make it easier to focus all of your energy on the project at hand. The drawback? You may end up writing an entire novel in your head while your only intention is catch some Z’s. With a personality type like this, you may have trouble falling asleep directly after marijuana use. In this case, it’s typically best to cut yourself off for at least a few hours before bedtime. What about hemp-derived products though? Does CBD cause insomnia?

The same that can be said for THC can largely be said about CBD in this case. Many individuals experience great success when using CBD as a sleep aid. Alternatively, CBD can bring focus, but it seems to lend itself to a more productive focus that allows the user to zero in specifically on getting sleep. That being said, if you are using a CBD product that is doing more harm than good for your sleep, taking it earlier in the day is likely the quick fix that you need. If that isn’t cutting it, you may want to find a product that doesn’t offer as much energy. A lower grade CBD isolate product may do the trick in this instance.

Given the numerous benefits that cannabis offers, almost everyone can find a way to use it in harmony with the other facets of their lives, including sleep, energy, focus, pain management and beyond. It often just takes some time to find the sweet spot and dial it in for yourself.

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